that katie bitch. (prudeprostitute) wrote in vintage_grace,
that katie bitch.

  [[General Info.]]
Name: Katie Rebecca
Nickname: Kate
Birthday: 2-12-88
Sign: aquarius
Location: Texas
Sexuality(optioinal): straight
Hobbies: singing, writing, reading, nutrition, fashion, cheerleading.

[[Name your favorites]]
Movies: Arsenic & Old Lace/Any Retro Horror Films (60s-80s)
Bands: Evanescence, The Bravery, The Gorillaz, The Killers, Coldplay...
Authors: V.C. Andrews
Books: Wasted, Best Little Girl In The World, The Lovely Bones, Speak, Smashed, Flowers in the Attic...
Actors: Vince Vaughn, Adam Brody, Jesse Bradford
Colors: Black, White, Brown, Pink

[[More info.]]
Any body modifications? Belly Button piercing...absolutely pointless and waste of $$.
What religion do you practice(optional)? Catholic, sort of. My parents force me.
What was your most embarassing moment? Once I got trashed off of Jell-O shots and went to a party in a mini skirt and fell straight back and everyone saw up my skirt...lovely.
What are some of your pet peeves? Stupid people. Whistling. I pretty much get annoyed by anything.
What turns you on? gentle touches, making guys want me then leaving them.

[[What are your opinions on]]
Sex: Be safe, and don't do it until you're absolutely sure you're ready. I'm not.
Abortion: Your choice, just don't get knocked up and keep doing it every time.
Smoking/drinking: Smoking ruins your voice. Drinking is divine.
Drugs: Don't get hooked, but you can experiment.

[[Finish the Sentence]]
What: is up your ass?
A Large: penis.
One time: at band camp.
23 bubblegum wrappers: up on the wall?
The green::day concert rocked my socks.

[[the End]]
How did you find out about this community(or who): Looked up common interests.
Show us the 2 links where you promoted us:
Show us at least 3(no more than 8) pictures of yourself: I have none.

[[extra credit]] (optional) Tell us a story in exactly 15 sentences. Any kind of story. Just make sure it has an introduction, a climax and a resolution.


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