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Name: Amberjade
Nickname: jaded, bunny, velma
Age: 15
Birthday: 8*21*88
Sign: leo
Location: michigan
Sexuality(optioinal): straight
Hobbies: dancing, drawing, camera, writing

[[Name your favorites]]
Movies: Dirty dancing, grease, porkys,
Bands: coheed and cambria, thursday, maria mena, no doubt.
Authors: vc andrews
Books: heaven, the lovely bones, flipped
Actors: denzel washington, ashton kutcher, dan levy
Colors: pinkkkkk, light purple

[[More info.]]
Any body modifications? ears.. boring but yea
What religion do you practice(optional)? none
What was your most embarassing moment? Don't have one really.
What are some of your pet peeves? Annoying people, lies
What turns you on? kisses, hair, dark eyes

[[What are your opinions on]]
Sex: fun.. but only if done responsibly
Abortion: BAD. I don't care. Inless you were raped and do not have the emotional stability to carry a child then i understand.
Smoking/drinking: Smoking is just gross. and unnatractive. Drinking is ok when not over done.
Drugs: jsdgkjsdgjk BAD. If you do drugs you are stupid end of story

[[Finish the Sentence]]
What: the fuck is in your pants.
A Large: shoe for a large boy.
One time: she tried it with a ... whaT????
23 bubblegum wrappers: equals a very sticky mess.
The green:: goblin was killed by Spiderman.

[[the End]]
How did you find out about this community(or who): a promo community
Show us the 2 links where you promoted us: ta_die_for thecolorsfading
Show us at least 3(no more than 8) pictures of yourself:

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