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Here's my extra credit that I would have put with my application if I was in a writing mood yesterday.  Enjoy!

The devil gave a mirror to my sisters and me, we are the seasons.  Spring, Summer, Autumn, and me, Winter.  As each one of my sisters stepped in front of the mirror, they peered inside to see the true essence of their season, and with their reflections, they were pleased.

            But in winter life is already cold enough that it will freeze your blood and make you breathing labored.  You always want more out of winter, you love it’s stillness and beauty, it’s peace, but hate it’s bitterness.  And no matter how hard you try, you can’t have one without the other.

            I looked into the mirror and saw myself poised on this peak of beauty.  My hair is white and my eyes are like ice chips thawing into crevices, and snow and ice covers everything.  In the mirror I see winter ruling all.  The whole world cold like I am cold.  It’s heart frozen like the heart that lays limp in my chest.

            You want to know why The Snowqueen was as cruel and dark as she was?

            There have been others there to tell my story but not me.  I was never there to tell how it was.  I never wanted to kill all those boys, when I first looked into the mirror, I didn’t want what I saw.

            The day I first looked in the mirror, I smiled a bit at the idea of Winter ruling everything, but I stepped away and bowed my head.  I thanked the devil for his gift to us. And then I returned home, away to my crystal palace.  Savoring my evil and ice and greed for a mirror for another day.


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