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Name: Ashley Lorelle                                                                                                                     Nickname: Ash                                                                                                                                Age: sixteen                                                                                                                                        Birthday: March 24, 1988                                                                                                               Sign: Aries

Location: Marion, New York

Sexuality(optioinal): Heterosexual

Hobbies: writing stories and poetry, singing, listening to music, playing the keyboard, drama, swimming, jogging, horseback riding, and spending time with friends

[[Name your favorites]]

Movies: Moulin Rouge, The Snowqueen, Big Fish, Pirates of the Carribean, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Saint Elmo's Fire, and The Hours

Bands: Tori Amos, Evanescence, The Ataris, Chevelle, Linkin Park, The Rasmos, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Three Doors Down

Authors: Francesca Lia Block, Lynne Ewing, Ellen Whittlinger, Sarah Dessen, Kate Chopin

Books: Echo by Francesca Lia Block, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Hard Love by Ellen Whittlinger, The Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing

Actors: Nicole Kidman, Ewen McGregor, Anne Hathaway

Colors: Jeweled Colored Purple and green (like amethyst and emerald)

[[More info]]

Any body modifications?  But I hope to get my belly button pierced in September.

What religion do you practice(optional)? I practice Christianity in a sense where I go to church every Sunday. But in reality, I believe in all the religions.  They all seem related to me.  There is a God for everyone

What was your most embarassing moment? My most embarassing moment was when I was swimming in the pool with my boyfriend a few hours before he asked me out.  I went to go do a flip and my bottoms ended up coming off while i was in mid air.

What are some of your pet peeves?My biggest pet peeve is people who complain about every little thing.  It's annoying for one thing, and it doesn't make anyone happy.  There is nothing that anyone can do about half the things people complain about and it does no good other then to agitate thereselfs and others

What turns you on? I would have to say it's when someone does something reallys surprising and crazy Like start dancing on a table in the middle of a restaurant or coming to school wearing a mulitcolored feather boa. I love it when people can just be sponataneous, it proves that not everyone in the world are as uptight as they seem

[[What are your opinions on]]

Sex: Sex is a very important thing that represents commitment and love.  I don't believe in waiting until marriage, just that when your doing it, your doing it for the right reasons.  Sex can be a very healing and very symbolic action, and I think it's beautiful.

Abortion: I'm pro choice. Think of the life that the baby might have to live if abortion was illigal.  I think that growing up in an orphanage or an unloving family is ten times worse then death.  Besides, I don't view life as truly beginning until you are born and have taken your first breath.  It can't be murder when your not even completely developed yet.

Smoking/drinking: I drink a little but I dont smoke.  In my opinion, smoking is one of the nastiest things you can do. Not only does it make me sick just to smell cigarette smoke, but it's one of those things that have harmful lasting effects that can someday kill you.  Drinking doesn't have those as long as your very careful and do it with moderation.

Drugs:Same as smoking. I just don't believe in contaminating my body like that.  I even refuse to take aspirin.  The long-term effects of drugs is not worth it.

[[Finish the Sentence]]

What:a pixie

A Large: acorn just hit me in the head.

One time I was walking through the woods and I fell down a rabbit hole.

23 bubblegum wrappers: makes pretty confetti scattered ontop of the dresser.

The green: dress is my favorite

[[the End]]

How did you find out about this community(or who): The Francesca Lia Block Community

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