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hey i like the name if this community, hopefully i'll get accepted, then if its okay with _moonfairy candy_towers could become this communities sister...

[[General Info.]]
Name: Ashley
Nickname: Ash
Age: 18
Birthday: 9th April
Sign: Aries
Location: England
Hobbies: Anything to do with arts and crafts, writing poetry, surfing the net, hanging around on lj, shopping and partying!!! hehe!

[[Name your favorites]]
Movies: leon, singles, pretty in pink, breakfast club, ghost world, girl interupted...
Bands: nirvana, hole, offspring, joj, scarling, veruca salt, switchblade symphony, coal chamber, skinny puppy, orgy...
Authors: robert rankin and douglas adams...
Books: hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, the bell jar, valley of the dolls...
Actors: jonny depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colors: pink, black, acid green...

[[More info.]]
Any body modifications? nope, apart from 5 or so piercings in each ear
What religion do you practice(optional)? none
What was your most embarassing moment? i don't get that embaressed tbh...sorry i always do stupid shit like fall over and say dumb things so i get used to it...sorry...
What are some of your pet peeves? hypocrites, and people who abuse their power...
What turns you on? soft kisses, anything pink, glitter, creative people...

[[What are your opinions on]]
Sex: if you're ready have it, be in a stable relationship, don't have sex to please someone, if you want it, if you're safe then why not?
Abortion: it is entirely the choice of the mother.
Smoking/drinking: if you want to then do it, but all things in moderation...
Drugs: again be careful, i wouldn't personally, but if you fancy it, get them tested, you don't wanna be snorting shit do you?

[[Finish the Sentence]]
What: a large...onion
A Large: (hehe, i didn't look a this question) pair of socks
One time: i stuck a recorder up my nose
23 bubblegum wrappers: hanging on a wall
The green: slipper

[[the End]]
How did you find out about this community(or who): _moonfairy
Show us the 2 links where you promoted us: right on my user info, so click my avatar and on shesshokking
Show us at least 3(no more than 8) pictures of yourself: right here goes, i'm not that great, but i think i'm pretty glam ;)

[[extra credit]] (optional) Tell us a story in exactly 15 sentences. Any kind of story. Just make sure it has an introduction, a climax and a resolution.

oooh no please, i'm sorry, i gotta go to work, please don't hold it against me :(
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